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  • fixed handling of simulation aborts
  • fixed socket busy state handling
  • added simulation timeout to prevent engines being stuck in busy state
  • added support for fixed parts
  • restricted simulation size
  • removed variable studio JS error
  • added unit change warning
  • added GLTF loading animation to simulation player
  • added force results
  • improved handling of cartesian frames within constraints

principia Engine

  • return constraint forces in result block due to missing "joint" element in meso_mdl create this element in principia_engine application and form sum over all individual constraint elements
  • add functionality for handling "fix" of a body in Onshape assembly
  • slight change in API, now constraint uses two Cartesian frames for defining both, bodies involved and constraint position
  • bugfix in principia_engine.exe, parsing of force function expressions led to fatal error in some special cases (upper/lowercase issue)