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  • implemented testing route to allow for semi-automated testing of different principia versions
  • added a button to copy the current model transformations onto the Onshape assembly
  • changed variable export to include simulation name, part name, and component name in the variable name, so users can now export many different variables at once
  • fixed a bug where errors within forces would show up with an "undefined" related object in simulation logs
  • added safeguards against setting up forces and sensors with WORLD as both mate connectors
  • improved graph dropdown so it will now include assemblies and subassemblies in part names
  • adapted Onshape API calls to enable Principia use in enterprise domains
  • implemented inputs for overriding part parameters, started enabling body contact in development environments
  • added check for viewing Onshape (micro)versions that will inform the user of a read-only state and disable some Principia functionality
  • added force/sensor icon next to object name
  • made sure that simulations from other workspaces and versions still show up
  • added workspace and version information to simulation list
  • added data store versioning and element name fallback for duplicating documents
  • moved variable export functionality to its own button that now exports the current (animation) state
  • moved simulation name to the top of the viewer page
  • added deletion check for forces, sensors, and simulations
  • updated OBJ extraction to new GLTF-based workflow, vastly improving startup time for simulations with body contact
  • improved constraint display to accommodate longer names (especially in highly complex assemblies)
  • added collapsible menus to simulation input so longer lists are better contained
  • created API route for email unsubscribing
  • created API route for updating Hubspot and sharing demo document (Website - Form)
  • limited decimal places in body mass to 6
  • added pressure unit to youngs modulus
  • added check and warning to forces/sensors with mate connectors attached to the same body

principia Engine

  • added environment variables for simulation-timeout, reregister interval and update interval